July 07 2022

Hayden Panettiere has shed some light on her opioid addiction, revealing that it caused her liver to ‘give out’.

The American actress, 32, battled with the addiction in secret for years, admitting that she didn’t even want to see her daughter during her toughest moments.

Hayden – best known for her roles of Claire Bennet on Heroes and Juliette Barnes in the musical drama series Nashville – says her addiction to opioids and alcohol stemmed from being given ‘happy pills’ at the age of 15.

She said someone on her management team would give her the pills prior to walking on red carpets, which made her lively and upbeat during interviews, confessing to having ‘no idea that this was not an appropriate thing.’

Speaking to People, the US star reflected on how her addiction almost cost her her career: ‘I was on top of the world and I ruined it,’ she said.

‘I’d think I hit rock bottom, but then there’s that trap door that opens’, she added, referring also to her postpartum depression after welcoming seven-year-old Kaya.

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